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During today’s time, diabetes is the most silent killer not only across the world but also in India.
Day by day this disease is rising among the population. This is a typical ‘life style’ disease.
Restrictions on food intake are a vital mechanism in controlling this and this affects the body and thereby leads to malnutrition. The patient starts suffering from deficiency problems and consequently the sugar levels are difficult to control.


Designer Health’s ‘Diba Care’ is helpful to maintain good health and it brings under control the required sugar level of an individual. The intake of medication prescribed to a diabetic patient automatically decreases.


Two tbs full to be taken as a substitute for one major meal replacement.

Don’t stop the prescribed medication till you find a change in your condition. When changes become apparent, consult your doctor.

Those who are insulin dependent should replace their lunch with this product as they can be awake to observe the change in sugar levels. Those who are facing kidney problems, consult your doctor.


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