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Max Protein


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(Pre Digest and Pre Processed)

It’s a pure form of protein for body building Stamina & Growth, useful for everybody.

Max Protein is the best source of high quality and healthy protein.
Max Protein is made of the best grade of Soy isolate and provides 95% protein. Human body can’t make all the essential amino acids that are required for healthy growth of the body and hence these amino acids must be obtained through the diet. Max Protein provides 9 essential amino acids. Max Protein can be easily added to your daily diet and can reduce the shortage of the protein intake in your diet in a healthy way.

Best for the body building (Muscle Mass).

Main reason for not gaining weight is poor metabolism and lack of good quality proteins.

Due to the inappropriate functioning of the digestive system many people find it hard to put on weight. This affects the growth and development of the vital organs and bones. Due to lack of nutrition there is a deficiency and the person tends to appear weak and pale.

In order to gain weight people tend to eat fatty food. However, this approach does not provide the body with any nutrition.

This product can be used by all. It saves us from the side effects of using steroid and can be used once a day to maintain good health.

Usage: This diet is to be taken after breakfast, lunch and dinner. 2 to 3 tea spoons to be taken along with water 3 times a day.



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