Designer Noni

Designer Noni

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150 diseases with 150 vital elements

Noni (Morinda Citrifolia) is a powerful nutritional drink which has been used as a powerful antioxidant for over 2000 years. Designed to support overall health, Noni Juice is a best antioxidant detoxifier and it is anti aging.
It has remarkable health benefits and protect body from all kinds of diseases like Migrain, Acidity, Piles, Constipation, Arthritis and immune related symptoms, Thyroid, Skin diseases (Psoriasis, boil itching and burning etc.)
Noni has high nutritional properties and controls weight. Has been used in Ayurveda for ancient times.


  • It is known to boost the energy levels in the body and is hence called the miracle juice.
  • It also helps in weight reduction.
Usage: 15-30 ml on an empty stomach. Twice a day (Morning and evening). Drink plenty of water while taking Noni.


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