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Designer Health is an Indian nutraceutical company, providing holistic health solutions for all. It is the brainchild of Meena Naik, nutritionist and health connoisseur. With a vision of revolutionizing healthcare in the country, Designer Health brings to you, alternative medicine in its strongest and purest form.

This is a simple system designed by Designer Health Pvt. Ltd. for overall Health improvement in the Society. This is one piece of information that that is sure to delight everyone! Now you don’t need to go too far or spend exorbitant amounts in search for the right herbal nutrition supplement for you.

Designer Health Pvt. Ltd. has entered into a contract with a leading manufacturer of herbal nutrition supplements in India , DIVINITY HEALTHCARE & TROJAN PHARMA LTD’ to form “Mission Health+”, a promise of a nutritious and healthy tomorrow!

DIVINITY HEALTHCARE & TROJAN PHARMA LTD has been working in the field of nutrition for over 15 years and with an array of products, the company offers holistic development and nutrition ranging from child birth to old age.

Quality- International Standard Prices – Affordable to Common man

Those associated with Designer Health Pvt. Ltd have been testing these products since 2002 and have experienced miraculous results. Today, Designer Health Pvt. Ltd is ready to share these benefits with the world through their own patients ‘Mission Health+’ and spread awareness of health and nutrition and improve the health of those around them through these herbal nutrition supplements.

Client getting benefited with lots of different health issues and symptoms in last 15 years.

Vision & Mission

Improve the overall health of the people in society through provigence of affordable, safe nutraceuticals void of side-effects and gift lifelong wellness.

About Founder

Mrs. Meena Sattyasheel Naik, a dynamic enterpreneur from Pune is the Founder of DESIGNER HEALTH. Born and brought up in Pune, Maharashtra; she graduated in B.Sc.(Home Science) and did her Diploma in Hospital Management (Pune University). She has thirty plus year's prolong experience at Naik Hospital, wherein she helped her life partner Dr. Sattyasheel N. Naik, in successful functioning of their renowned orthopedic Naik Hospital at Pune.

She always nurtured a dream of entrepreneurship having Healthcare in mind she was in constant search of an opportunity. She got introduced and interested in herbal products in the field of health care and wellness, her work experience with herbal products spans well over seventeen years. She has spent most of her time with patients, their recovery and their return to normal wellness, In reality she was engrossed in the health aspect of human life, she realized that, Nutrition plays an important role in the overall healing of a person from any aliment. Her dream was calling her and thus she became the founder of "DESIGNER HEALTH". Presently she has solely devoted her time and honest efforts to, "Her dream come true project". She is an active member of BNI PUNE, ACE SPECULUM Pune, Lakshya Chapter, with aim to spread good health and well-being.

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